Construction underway on The Red Sea Project Site

Base Camp kicks off the enabling works which will oversee construction of essential infrastructure for the development

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has commenced operations at the Base Camp of The Red Sea Project, one of the world’s most ambitious tourism developments.

The Base Camp, which is situated on the coastal area near the southern end of the 28,000 square kilometer destination, is the first of numerous enabling works to be carried out in 2019 to provide the essential infrastructure for the Project. These works will also include temporary roads, bridge, jetties, utilities, workforce accommodation, and a Management Village which will support the development of the luxury tourism destination.

The Base Camp currently houses 60 people who will live and work on site, including project and construction managers, health safety and environmental professionals, government affairs specialists and others. The Base Camp includes prayer, dining, gym, and other amenities. Solar water heaters provide hot water. Also on-site is an emergency medical facility with a full-time male nurse and an ambulance.

“This is an important milestone for The Red Sea Project and takes us another step closer to our goal of creating a truly exquisite tourism destination on the beautiful Red Sea coast,” said John Pagano, CEO of TRSDC.  “The remote nature of the site, which is an important part of its appeal as a destination, creates logistical challenges for the support of large-scale development. The Base Camp is an essential first step in preparing the destination for construction.”

One of the first priorities overseen from the Base Camp will be development of the Construction Village, a residential compound to house the workforce. The first phase of the Construction Village will house up to 10,000 people, providing accommodation, amenities, and recreation to the highest standards. The Base Camp will also kick off TRSDC’s implementation of comprehensive provisions for worker health and safety. Construction Village works will begin in Q2, 2019.

“We will be sourcing labor locally and internationally using both our own resources and those of our construction and development partners,” said John Pagano. “Our objective is to set a new standard of excellence for labor management in the region.”

Another key part of the Phase 0 works will be the Management Village. The Management Village will, once complete, replace the base camp as the center of TRSDC operations on site and house a wider range of project management and corporate functions.  Management Village works will commence in Q2 2019.

TRSDC will also construct a temporary bridge to connect a hub island – the focal point of The Red Sea Project Phase 1 development – to the shore, allowing materials to be transported by road as well as jetties to allow access to the more remote islands.

The enabling works will seek to employ the latest technologies in high-quality prefabricated modular construction, where appropriate, to minimise environmental and social impact on site. Buildings and structures will be manufactured either within KSA or overseas, and shipped to the site to be placed at their final location as large pre-fabricated elements, thereby reducing demand for on-site labour and temporary utilities.

“As with every aspect of the project, we are working hard to ensure that our operations have minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystems while providing a safe and comfortable environment for our people to work in,” said Pagano. “As work progresses on the destination, we will be carefully monitoring our environmental impact to ensure that we achieve our objective of setting a new global standard in sustainable development.”

About The Red Sea Development Company

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC - is a closed joint-stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. TRSDC was established to drive the development of The Red Sea Project, a luxury tourism destination that will set new standards in sustainable development and position Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.

The project will be developed over 28,000 km2 of pristine land on Saudi Arabia’s west coast and includes a vast archipelago of more than 90 islands. The destination also features mountain canyons, dormant volcanoes and ancient cultural and heritage sites. The destination will include hotels, residential properties, leisure, commercial and entertainment amenities, as well as supporting infrastructure that emphasizes renewable energy and water conservation and re-use.

Activity for the first phase of development, which focuses on enabling the infrastructure to support future work, is well underway. A marine infrastructure contract awarded in July 2019 includes the construction of a 3.3 km crossing to Shurayrah (the main hub) and development has begun at the Coastal Village, which will be home to around 14,000 people who will work at the destination.

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